Tools, Tips, and Links

The following resources will help in your work in building strong relationships with your communities. Please feel free to share them!

Articles, Tools, Tips & Links (by Margaret Kadoyama)

Building Networks – A Toolbox
Handout from the Making Connections: The Value of the Museum in the Community session at the 2001 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting.

Expanding the Community Connection
Reprinted from the 1996 AAM Annual Meeting Sourcebook. All rights reserved.

Practicing Civic Engagement: Major Challenges and Innovative Approaches
Handout from session at the 2004 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting.

The Hard Work of True Listening
Reprinted from Civic Discourse: Let’s Talk. Museums and Social Issues, Vol. 2, No. 2, Fall 2007: 201-206. All rights reserved.

The Spot Where It Flows: Practicing Civic Engagement
by Margaret Kadoyama. July 2007. Originally published as a Web Exclusive article on the American Association of Museums website.

The Community Connections Project, Perspectives & Tools for Museum Professionals
Publication from the California Exhibition Resources Alliance, (2010). From the Sing Me Your Story, Dance Me Home: Art and Poetry from Native California Community Connections Project.

Additional Resources